Margaret Pintscher

The Ultimate Art of Fine Exterior & Interior Design

Passion, creativity, understanding.

This perfect "combination" helps lead clients in the right direction, make the tough decisions easy and finally achieve our goal of homeowners total satisfaction!
Margaret Pintscher - Owner/Designer
Lisa Gnadinger - Senior Designer

unique log cabin design The company is focused on complete satisfaction of our clients needs. Based on an old european tradition of excellence, we use our 30 years of experience and multiple talents to provide everyone with the best.

By working with close collaboration with architects, builders and the finest tradesmen, I design unique, customized houses to fit our clients personal taste and lifestyle. Including homeowners in this creative process is very important; helps them understand and finally enjoy the tranformation of thier house to thier home.

Unique Living Room Design

Margaret Pintsher has a masters degree in fine arts and environmental planning which includes exterior and interior design of commercial and residential buildings and thier surroundings.

Lisa Gnadinger has extensive experience in the interior design area and all facets of it's accompanying operation. This combined with great knowledge of today's buyer's market and attention to detail maker her a valuable asset.

"After all, designing a house is all about choices - make the right choice everytime!"